Tips for Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

How to save money on wedding photography without sacrificing quality.

The excitement and fun in planning a wedding is discovering a whole world of details from finding the right dress to the perfect bouquet. Most people planning a wedding are learning as they go. The point to keep in mind though is after everything is over, years later the only two things you will have are the rings and the photographs to remind you of all the special moments of the day.

Because of this, wedding photography is one of the most important decisions you will make in planning your wedding. If you cut-corners on the photography you will most certainly regret it in years to come. But, there are ways to save on the photography without sacrificing the quality of the pictures if you take your time and use it to plan well in advance…

OneBloom Photography offers these tips…

  • Look for quality photography and products – no matter what you pay, quality is important.
  • See if you can do a engagement session or bridal session before the wedding. This will leave you with a lot of great images but also with more time on the wedding day that can be spent with your family and friends.
  • Instead of having the photographer deliver a proof book of 4×6s, ask for on-line viewing of your images, not only can you share these with long-distance loved ones, but they might be available sooner, and cut down on your final cost.
  • Having someone chip in on your wedding photos as a wedding gift works wonders.
  • Eliminate single use cameras. While they sound like a great idea, you rarely get more than one or two good images from them. Small children use them, as do the rowdier and less, dare I say it, mature folks in your wedding party. This saves you several hundred dollars by the time you order them, personalize them and develop the photos.

Don’t just compare them on the price alone. Look at what your getting in your package. Take note of their portfolio. Are the photos professional and outstanding? Observe their professionalism. Ask questions not only about the quality of their work but also on their professionalism and personality. Getting along with your photographer and understanding what your receiving will greatly determine your over-all satisfaction.

But, most of all, just have fun! Your wedding photographer is there to help you and should want to work with you to make your wedding the most memorable and amazing event.

By Aaron Potter of OneBloom Photography