Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use digital or film?

I have been trained to use all types of cameras. 35mm, 120/220 medium-format in both film and digital and even those large 4×5 field view cameras from hundreds of years ago. I love everything about digital. Digital is faster, accurate, higher-quality than film and offers better low-light shooting quality. The chances of having the “lab” mess up the film is zero. Your images will be shown to you faster and the final editing will be free of any dust or scratches that film has.

Do you have a back-up camera?

Yes, I also can backup my cameras image files while I shoot to a portable hard-drive and image viewer! I might even show you some your great images while we are shooting! Do you shoot in RAW or JPEG? Great question. I only utilize the highest quality files possible. The RAW format or uncompressed format is far superior to jpg’s. The files are 3 times larger and hold millions of more colors than a jpg can. The extra space they take up is worth it. The priceless moments captured should never be left to question. Photography is an art and a science and we love every bit!

Do we get to keep the files?

If you choose to purchase the DVD of the files - Yes! You will receive a Archival Quality DVD of the High Resolution files. Not cropped, not lower resolution. Full. Also – with a copyright release form for personal use.

Will our Friends and Family be able to see the pictures On-line?

Yes. You will be provided with access to a password protected site with all the images from your portrait session 1 week after. Your friends and family may order prints or other products from the site. All products ordered are professionally edited and shipped to their home.

Are you a professional photographer?

Yes. But I think a better question is; “Do you love what you do?” Because from the first time you meet with me you will see my passion for what I do shine through. I get very excited when talking about photography. I get even more excited while actually doing it. It’s the best job in the world, let me prove it to you!

Do you backup our pictures?

Yes. Once on my camera card. Once on my portable hard drive. Immediately when I get home, they all get placed on my computer. Next, they are sorted and labeled correctly. Next they get backed up onto an external hard drive. Then, they are uploaded on-line for your friends and family to view and burned to CD. Finally, I take the images and store them in a secret location underground in a bomb proof shelter. I’ve never lost a single image.

Do you offer albums?

Yes. You can choose the images and we do the rest. These images will be setup in a custom layout and beautifully edited to truly tell the best story of your session. Turning the pages will be an awesome memory. Ask us about our albums! They rock!

Black and White or Color?

It’s everything! Color, Black and white and that one antique look too (sepia). Since we shoot in digital – we can edit your images in many ways. I have a variety of methods and techniques to professionally edit the images in any way you like. I have many hours of hands-on training from certified Adobe professionals.

Are the prints and albums going to last forever?

The prints are of museum archival quality and they will withstand normal wear and tear; without fading and curling. The albums are of very high quality and they too will be free of problems for at least 100 years. If your really worried, keep in mind…the images are digital. They will never fade. Your memories are safe and that is very important. You can also order your images on DVD.

Do you travel? How far will you go?

We love to travel – that’s one of the best parts of the job. We will go anywhere. We charge only for locations outside the Portland metro / Vancouver area. Travel is billed at $50 an hour for anything over 15 minutes of driving.

How long does it take to get our album?

Time varies due to volume of albums being made, the time of year and the production schedule of the album manufacture. All of the images are carefully edited and placed in a unique layout. The goal for me is to tell a story and truly capture your portrait session in the most beautiful way. Usually 2-3 months.

Where are you located?

Vancouver, Washington. Close to I-5, I-205 and SR-500.

Who owns OneBloom Photography?

Aaron Potter, if you would like to read more about Aaron please check out his LinkedIn profile. Or, better yet – meet with him and get to know him! He also has a Facebook page. Please ask us if you have any questions that are not answered on this page. We would love to help you!

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