Preparing for your Portrait Photography Session


If you haven't already, reserve your session with a $50 deposit via here and contact us to setup a date. Once you reserve a day, we will setup a time (usually an hour or two before sunset). No worries if it rains – we'll reschedule.


You'll want to wear clothes that are comfortable. Something that you normally wear or have worn in the past. You want the photos to be 'you' and not something new you just bought from the mall. Choose clothes that have long sleeves, no patterns. Earth tones and pastels work best. Coordinate the outfits, contrasting and complimentary outfits work best for two or more people. Choose a outfit with layers (hat/scarf/jacket). Accessories are great – necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, belts. Choose a few pair of shoes/boots/sandals that you like and compliment your outfits.

Day Of:

Eat plenty of food and drink some water. You want to be hydrated and ready to go. Also a change of clothes just in case. For babies and toddlers bring some snacks and toys. A blanket is a must for babies. If your unfamiliar with the location we are traveling to – leave early and print out directions in case the GPS doesn't work or your phone dies. The earlier you arrive the better – nobody wants to look stressed in their photos.

The Session:

Relax. Once you meet up with us our goal is to see the light, find the good areas to shoot and make you comfortable. You will have a fun time with us and we want you to laugh, joke, smile, move around and be yourself. Our sessions thrive on being in different locations with unique surroundings and natural light. We'll talk with you again during the session to ensure we captured the images you want.


We get your session online in a private gallery within a week of your session. This also includes the images that we custom edit and feature on our blog and on facebook. We really want to have you remember the session and get your feedback. We want you to share your images quickly and easily with your family and friends. If you elected to order a DVD of your session – it ships out in the next week after the session.

Review us:

We love happy clients. We love getting reviews and hearing in your own words how you feel. Hop on Yelp or Google and find us. Share with us on our Facebook wall about how you loved your session. Email us. Good word of mouth can never be spread too far or too much!

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