Surprise. It’s the fun part in life. It’s that feeling you get when you first visit a new place – when you first see it – the rush, the excitement. That’s why I love photography.

My background in art and graphic design, allowed me to fall in love with photography immediately after high school. I've been at it ever since.

My fathers last words were 'The light is everything', in an email to me. These words have rang through my head since.

To hone my talent, I pursued my formal education and training in photography at the Hallmark Institute of Photography, in Turners Falls, Massachusetts. An elite photography school that only accepts students with the desire to be the very best. In addition to learning the latest photographic techniques, I learned that the expanding field of photography fuels my passion and feeds my soul more than any other art form.

In addition to commercial photography, I have captured hundreds of weddings and portraits.

I've called the Northwest my home for my entire life. I began OneBloom in 2005. I enjoy white water rafting, basketball, biking, camping and hiking.